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Headteacher                                                       Mrs L Ashforth

Office Manager and Assistant
Mrs K Harris

Mrs M Murton

SENCo                                                              Mrs Bishop

Early Years Foundation Stage - Reception Class
Mrs Lovegrove
Class Africa

Specialist teacher for modern foreign languages
Mrs T MacWhirter

Midday Assistants

Mrs D Glover - Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs J. Symons, Mrs M. Jordan, Mrs F. Everett,

Mrs H.Birkumshaw, Mrs K. Woodford, Mrs N. Hughes





Year 5 / 6 Scandinavia
Miss W. Kent

Year 4 / 5  Spain
Mrs H. Lloyd-Taylor - Senior Teacher

Year  3 / 4  Class Brazil
Mrs E. Brown / Mrs K. Turner

Year 2 Class Scotland
Mrs A. Marshall

Year 1 Class England
Miss R. McGhie

Teaching Assistants, Learning Support

Mrs S. Stone,, Mrs J. Symons

Mrs D. Glover, Mrs F. Everett,

Mrs N. Hughes, Mrs T. Braham,

Mrs S Grace, Miss S Wood





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