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Headteacher                                                       Mrs L Ashforth

Office Manager
Mrs S Matthews

SENCo                                                              Mrs Jeffries

Early Years Foundation Stage - Reception Class
Miss L Gronland
Class Africa

Specialist teacher for modern foreign languages
Mrs T MacWhirter

Midday Assistants

Mrs D Glover - Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs J. Amos, Mrs J. Symons, Mrs M. Jordan,

Mrs H.Birkumshaw, Mrs K. Woodford





Year 5 / 6 Class Scandinavia
Miss W. Kent

Year 4 / 5  Class Australia
Mrs H. Lloyd-Taylor - Senior Teacher

Year  3 / 4  Class Brazil
Mrs E. Brown and Mrs C.Jeffries

Year 2 Class Scotland
Mrs A. Tuck

Year 1 Class England
Miss R. McGhie

Teaching Assistants, Learning Support

Mrs S. Stone, Mrs H. Hill, Mrs J. Symons

Mrs D. Glover, Mrs J. Amos, Mrs S. Howard

Mrs L. Hitchcock, Mrs K. Woodford





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