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Values and Ethos

School Values

At our school we believe in the importance of relationships, ensuring children and young people feel valued, safe and secure, providing a sense of connection with a member of staff and a belonging to the whole school community.

Our school reflects the values of the Essex Approach to understanding behaviour and supporting emotional wellbeing known as Trauma Perceptive Practice (TPP)

  • Compassion and Kindness
  • Hope
  • Connection and Belonging

We endeavour to make sure that at our school these values run through all the school policies and practice.

Our own school values encapsulate the code we wo​uld like our children to live by:

School Ethos

It is a core aim of our school that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly and well. We are a caring community whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all. This Relationships and Behaviour policy is therefore designed to support the way in which all members of the school can live and work together in a caring way. It aims to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure, and able to learn.

We value each individual child/young person and work with families, the community and beyond to offer diverse experiences and support. We develop children and young people to be confident, life-long learners and compassionate, respectful members of their community and the world.  We always prioritise the safety of our children and young people and staff. Everything we do in school is underpinned by our safeguarding procedures.

We recognise that children and young people have a ‘window of tolerance’ within which they feel safe, secure and regulated.  When asked to do something outside of this window they can experience stress and react accordingly.  Our aim is to help our children and young people to widen their window of tolerance through teaching them about the stress-response in the brain and how they can learn to self-regulate through co-regulation with adults.

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