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Theme Children learn through a cross curricula approach which gives meaning to their learning. English and mathematics are studied during the morning lessons and are taught progressively following the National Curriculum Strategies. Each new unit of work begins with a line of enquiry to follow e.g. the children discover that a spaceship has crashed in the playground in “The Aliens are Coming!” They then have to explore environmental issues to save the planet! All units of work end with a form of celebration e.g. A VE day party, a ‘bush tucker trial, a medieval banquet or a visit to a topical place of interest.

Global Dimension Each class is named after a country or place. As a result, the children study and explore cultural aspects of their country during this unit. A specialist teacher teaches Spanish in KS2.

This is taught within each theme using Musical Express and Charanga. In addition, the children have many opportunities to sing and perform at festivals with other local schools. A specialist teacher for music teaches recorders and how to read music in upper Key Stage 2. All children have the opportunity to learn how to play piano, keyboard or guitar with a peripatetic music teacher. There is a charge for this.

Religious Education
The school follows the Essex agreed syllabus where Christianity is the predominant faith yet other faiths and beliefs are also explored. The school has close links with St Stephen’s Church and the children visit each term for seasonal services i.e. Harvest, Christmas and Easter.


Physical Education
This is taught in class groups by the class teacher; we follow the Rising Stars scheme for games and fitness.  We have strong links with our KS3 PE Partnership who organise numerous inter-school sporting events, tournaments and galas. Pupils who have a talent for sport are encouraged to take part. Children begin swimming lessons in Key Stage 2.

Extra Curricula clubs
The school offers a wide range of clubs e.g. sports, art, choir, drama, gardening etc. Most are free. However, where there is a fee, no pupil is excluded through inability to pay.


SATs The school has a rigorous system of ongoing assessment to track pupil progress. It also follows current statutory guidance on end of key stage tests.

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